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     Our website salutes the iconic 1969 to 1971 Sea Ray SRX Pachanga. The Pachanga was said to have been

Sea Ray founder, C.N. Ray's, pet project. Approximately 500 of the original Pachangas were made over its 3 year span.

The boats were powered with either a Mercruiser inline 6 or V-8 engine coupled with a Mercruiser #1 drive, an OMC

engine and drive or the Oldsmobile 455 V-8 engine with the Berkeley Packajet jet drive.

     The 1969 model was unique in that it was the only year that the Pachanga was offered with dual engine hatches,

those being replaced in 1970 with a single hatch.

   1970 Sea Ray SRX Pachanga - only one ever built in blue gel coat?



                                         The inspiritation for our web site! The boat was recently sold to Colony Marine,

                                         of Algonac, Michigan, who plans a complete restoration. The new owners will

                                         update us regularly on the restoration so we can follow its progress online.

                                         More info to follow!      

     Standard equipment included 180 degree rotating buckets seats, rear bench seating, deluxe console with recessed

instrumentation, padded cockpit coaming, full length side panel stowage, carpeted flooring and custom air intakes

as well as stainless steel exhaust ventilators. The boat was available in citrus, sand and avocado gel coat.

     Interestingly, a windshield was never offered as standard equipment on the Pachanga, but as an option. Other

options included a mooring cover and a bow safety rail (which became standard in 1970). Click on the picture below

to see a large popup image of a 1971 SRX Pachanga with the bow safety rail.

     With a length of approximately 18 feet and weighing in at about 2,300 lbs, the Pachanga was capable of speeds in

excess of 50 MPH which made for quite an exhilarating ride. Add in the racing stripes and it was clear that this was a

high performance boat. The whole package added up to Pachanga, the Spanish word for "Blast"...and a blast it was!

     Being out on the water today with an original Pachanga is a real treat. With it's vintage offshore racer look, high

speed and the thrilling sound of it's V-8 engine and thru-hull exhaust, it's like cruising around town in a '67 Corvette.

Whether you're at the launch ramp, docking at a waterfront restaurant or your favorite watering hole, the Pachanga

is certain to draw a crowd!

     M&M Boat Sales and Service based in Baltimore, Maryland, restores vintage fiberglass boats. Owner, Mike Fierstein,

has decided to keep one particular boat as the company's "play toy". That boat is a 1969 Sea Ray SRX Pachanga 

which has been fitted with some modern updates. You can read more about this Pachanga and M&M Boats, here.

   See the original Sea Ray SRX Pachanga brochures by clicking the links here:

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Reprinted from the 1970 Sea Ray brochure...the Sea Ray SRX Pachanga!


     The SRX Pachanga was discontinued after the 1971 model year. However, after a 15 year absence, the Pachanga

returned to the Sea Ray lineup in 1986. You can read about the Pachanga 2 here! An all-new Pachanga has been

introduced for 2009! See it here!